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I've thought of something. Several people have theorized that Kinzo was murdered, but I didn't think much about it until I read a bit about it being fairly common, in books and real life, to poison people slowly over months. It could have been done.

Now, here's the thing. If Kinzo was a particularly bad person, there could be several accomplices who would not, under other circumstances, be a party to murder. Now, what would happen if one of the poisoners killed again? The others would have a better idea of who did it, but that person would have some ability to control them. Anyone who talks could have their secret exposed, heck, if they die on the island and the evidence goes out they could be posthumously named one of the culprits. (Well, the explosion would rule that out, but they don't know that.)

This is helpful for me since it plugs some holes in my solution. I have a lot of people who must know the culprit but have no reason to stay quiet. There's a lot of overlap between these people and the ones who might have killed Kinzo. It doesn't solve everything, but it is progress.
Well it's not like I haven't thought he was murdered myself. The red does call him a "victim" when he's among the 6 people. The thing is though the way his death is described in episode 5 is a peaceful one in his bed. There all sorts of ways to die in your sleep, even heart failure or a stroke can look peaceful if your asleep. The problem with poison is that the number of candidates at the time that could possibly do that are very low. And there is Knox's 4th that some people have a problem with. Nanjo and Genji are the most likely circumstantially since they were closer to him, but they're motive is very blurry. I'd be more inclined to think it was an accident caused by an over dose on some drug Nanjo gave him or alcohol poison like Edgar Allen Poe's death rather than a murder. And that's not just because of the red that says Nanjo isn't a murderer. You can get around that. I just don't see a reason for these people to hate Kinzo. The other candidate to kill Kinzo is actually Kanon. I'm thinking that since he was carrying fertilizer from the shed that maybe one of his duties is to take care of the rose garden. And part of that would be to use pest control poisons. However like the others I don't think he has a motive either unless he really is destined to take the headship.

EDIT: Oh and there is also the fact that Beato couldn't say "all of the six were killed by other people" in red. She said "none of them committed suicide" instead. Kinzo is the most likely to not have been killed by another person. I don't know how to explain why she couldn't say that without Kinzo.

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