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But, if Erika doesn't exist, I think it's very important to ask all the questions that would arise from this. Does Meta-Erika know? Do Bern and Lambda know (one would think they'd have to, but...)? Why are they doing this? What benefit does Meta-Erika gain from believing she exists, and why have her there in the first place? How much of what she "sees" accurate? How is this "illusion of the detective" instructive to us with respect to Beato's games? Can we learn anything useful from them, or is this just a big red herring (which would either be a sign of bad writing, or a theory that is simply there to mislead).
What it's there for is for thematic evolution. We've seen that magic is misleading, but because magic is presented in a good light, it's to show you that mystery is equally so. By treating everything as a clue and by ignoring the magic scenes, you end up accusing Natsuhi. Erika is there to show you how NOT to solve Umineko.

And Erika doesn't know at first. But she certainly realizes it when she becomes the Witch of Truth, or at latest the time of Beatrice's resurrection, when both of them are loading red into their guns to strike the other down.

"I am...the Witch of Truth...that means...I am a witch who can understand the truth. That means...I can face the truth...about myself."
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