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Originally Posted by Jimmy C View Post
Sayaka lasted barely a week as an MG:

Day 1: Contracted, killed Kristen
Day 2: Fought Kyoko
Day 3: Kyoko, round 2, Soul Gem revelation
Day 4: Moped around at home, pep talk by Kyoko.
Day 5: Hitomi ultimatum. Breaks down and goes nuts on Elsa Maria, blows off Madoka
Day 6: Sees Hitomi with Kyosuke, takes out frustration on familiars, Soul Gem goes critical, shatters, Oktavia is born, Sayaka is dead.
Day 7: Oktavia killed by Kyoko's suicide attack.
With the revelation on the Soul Gem being a lich phylactery....thing....

Mami never knew the truth. Sayaka would ideally be something similar to her....Someone who just kills monstrous things in the belief that it's heroic and protecting others.

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