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Originally Posted by xXCloudXx View Post
OH I didn't know you had you're own thread. Awesome!!
O.M.G. I ADORE YOU'RE LIGHTING SIGNATURE!!! (I can't wait for ff13-2)
Thanks for your complement

Originally Posted by Patchy View Post
Saw the Iron Man sig of yours Ren-sama...

I think you're getting the hanged on the c4d placement already... >_< Lighting is as good as always... >_<
Haha I think so too. Another thing is having 100 times more c4ds Thanks And my lighting one is an old one...back when my sigs were in the teens layer wise I'll probably use it indefinitely since I don't like the 160 px height limit so my time is better spent making what I like

Update (what Patchy-chan was talking about )


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