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It's ok ^.^ Good luck on your quest to enhance your skills
Thank you

And thank you for describing that in so much detail O_O I am going to try it ASAP! Thanks a lot <3 And I hope it comes as great as yours And if it doesn't....I'll have to rely on your psd Thanks for that too ^-^ That's nice of you. I'll let you know how my sig turns out.
Btw, wow, so many steps No wonder the sig is so amazing :3 I still can't give you cookies >_>
Do you have topaz vivacity?

And your Iron Man sig looks great *.* The font looks amazing (which, may I ask ) and I like its placement. Plus the size is nice too, and yea, if you like making bigger sigs, then go for it ^.^ This one looks really good Even the c4ds placement is good and the lighting goes well with it....I just feel that the lightning on the extreme top right should be a bit towards his just seem like that to me ^^;

Oh btw, is there a colored version of this...I am just curious, I want to see how it looks.
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