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Originally Posted by Star-Wing View Post
It's ok ^.^ Good luck on your quest to enhance your skills
Thank you

And thank you for describing that in so much detail O_O I am going to try it ASAP! Thanks a lot <3 And I hope it comes as great as yours And if it doesn't....I'll have to rely on your psd Thanks for that too ^-^ That's nice of you. I'll let you know how my sig turns out.
Btw, wow, so many steps No wonder the sig is so amazing :3 I still can't give you cookies >_>
Do you have topaz vivacity?

And your Iron Man sig looks great *.* The font looks amazing (which, may I ask ) and I like its placement. Plus the size is nice too, and yea, if you like making bigger sigs, then go for it ^.^ This one looks really good Even the c4ds placement is good and the lighting goes well with it....I just feel that the lightning on the extreme top right should be a bit towards his just seem like that to me ^^;

Oh btw, is there a colored version of this...I am just curious, I want to see how it looks.
Haha thank you If you think that one took a lot of steps, wait til you see my other psds And yeah, I do have Topaz.

The font is called Planet Kosmos. It's pretty cool, the only drawback is that when you try to add a stroke, it's really jagged -_- And thanks for the tip! I moved it a bit

There isn't a colored version. The colors were too hard to blend together so I just did a B/W adjustment layer and voila, everything blended well! That's pretty much the only reason I use black and white, because I usually like color more. I'd show you the psds, but I can't upload anything from my computer atm or else Chrome crashes

Originally Posted by zebra View Post
That looks really cool! All shiny and ready to attack. Great work!
Thank you zebra-chan

Two new ones:

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