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Originally Posted by Rennir View Post
Yup! Who else would use my username? And I am on there everyday, maybe even more than AS You shouldn't be intimidated Pathcy-sama! Even though you may feel overwhelmed by the skill of people there (like tuni, budha, Mecca, gomz, hope, pretty much all the staff), the way I see it, its very valuable to have that kind of environment so you can get great CnC and learn lots of tips from the pros You should be more active What's your username there?

I'm actually considering becoming elite so I can improve even more quickly, but I need to focus more on school...*sigh*

Thanks for the tip about the iRobot vert I never even considered the perspective so nice catch there Patchy-chan

Heh heh yeah I had to do some adjustments to make it look like night...

Have you seen my Crysis tag yet?

The progressive blur kind of dulled some of my smudging layers, but the result still turned out pretty well IMO.
^^ saw them... I really liked their works specially Tuniboy... his skills/works on grafx is my fave among them... though I can't follow some of his tutorials *failed miserably*

The heck... that crysis tag.... was really really... look great...

On your new sig... I loved the v2 there maybe since I loved lighting special effects like that... (I don't know what is really good/better... since I don't know how pro thinks )
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