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I kind of like this episode even if it was very politically heavy but I've come to expect that in this show. Also The Triple Axel Dogza Bow was funny to me in that he's expressing that he means business.

Originally Posted by Dynellen View Post
What infodump? Just because an episode is focused on dialogue doesn't mean it's an infodump, only real info given in the whole episode was Mary's backstory and that England+Musashi will have a festival and that Armada battle will occur within two weeks.

I haven't read the novels and I didn't find the episode hard to follow at all, they meet up, Tenzou gets to know Mary, they haggle back and forth before reaching a deal. If you think of the whole long discussion at the end as 'Musashi needs 11 days to make any profit, England needs 7 days to prepare all the meat but tries to bluff that they can go below 7 days, Shirojiro humbles them with the bow then calls England's bluff and finally sents hostages to England to reach a brilliant deal of 13 days'. You don't need any background info to understand that.

I don't know if it's because we're just strange but I got what was going on instantly in this episode even without explanation from the novels. It's like I've been saying if something is lacking in the action fights or fan service department it just goes over peoples heads i guess.
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