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Originally Posted by Kleeyook View Post
I think that those two manga you mention kinda suck at playing according to the rules. They're more like red-blue killing (team battle) and another one is just a battle royal (the weak ones wouldn't survive). And Gantz is simply invalid for trying to overcome god... Battle Royal is quite good that they kinda succeed, against authority.

WHat I mean to say is that your opion lost its credit the moment you mention Gantz.
Gantz didn't have the whole God thing until the last ~10 or so chapters. For pretty much most of the first half of the series they had pretty strict rules (although some were hidden).

Originally Posted by Izayoi View Post
You probably haven't read up to the latest chapters. Here are couple of the latest development in regards to those points if you feel like spoiling yourself:

Spoiler for Assuming you might not have caught up to latest chapter:

I do agree the power difference is big. However, that is typical in this sort of "Death game" manga.
Usually in these kinds of death games if the supernatural is involved the main characters usually have some kind of supernatural power too, or the admin mostly sits back and the tension and conflict is between the characters. In Mirai Nikki Deus just sits back and observes.

Originally Posted by marvelB View Post
Perhaps under different circumstances I'd be somewhat bothered by the power gap thing, but as previously stated, it doesn't because the series clearly doesn't take itself too seriously (the identity of the "God" himself is proof enough of that ).

As far as character longevity goes, I recall tons of characters in Gantz dropping like flies with barely any development as well, so I'm not sure if that's the best comparison to make, either (though admittedly it has been a while since I've been caught up to the series.... but I doubt I can expect much change from a series that regularly featured random scantily clad chicks on most of its splash pages ). IMO, Shingeki no Kyojin is currently the best "survival"-type series that really fleshed out a majority of its main cast (even the ones who died), but maybe I'm in the minority for feeling that way....

Anyways, I wonder what crazy new survival game will come up next? Personally, I'd love to see one as crazy as the battle against the cat (my favorite one so far due to how WTF it was ).
The arcs were MUCH longer in gantz though. The first arc lasted something close to 20 chapters alone. Even the people who show up for a mission and die get some personal backstory and closure (for example, 2nd arc with the granny and her grandson, the family in the dinosaur arc, etc). There are also more main characters that last a long time.

I don't really feel like Shngeki no Kyojin is a 'survival' type manga though, since you kind of know that most of the main characters have PLOT armor.

Originally Posted by Kleeyook View Post
Umm. It's back. The new series, over 60 pages on Chinese sites.

Spoiler for Kamisama no Iutoori 2 ch 1:
Hopefully the old cast isn't ALL dead. I'm guessing the main character is going to join up with this new cast somewhere down the line.

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