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Heh, maybe we should count Danganronpa as a "survival series" as well (it may originally be a videogame, but it does have a manga and even an upcoming anime adaption). I mean, it even has a similar setup (group of students trapped someplace, forced into killing each other by a "higher power" in order to escape). But at least DR takes itself even less seriously than all those other series thanks to its zany characters!

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The arcs were MUCH longer in gantz though. The first arc lasted something close to 20 chapters alone. Even the people who show up for a mission and die get some personal backstory and closure (for example, 2nd arc with the granny and her grandson, the family in the dinosaur arc, etc). There are also more main characters that last a long time.

Well, while the arcs may have been longer, I still recall there being characters who barely got any development despite surviving later in the missions. The people who come to mind for me are guys like that Lara Croft lookalike chick that Kurono boned at the start of the buddha alien arc and those vampires that just kind of came and went out of nowhere a few arcs later. Still, as I already said it's been a while since I've read it so maybe all those characters got a backstory by now. Who knows.

Also, didn't Kurono not just get brought back to life after being killed, but was even cloned? Maybe it's just me, but that seems like a WAY bigger cop-out than just letting the MC avoid death in the first place.

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I don't really feel like Shngeki no Kyojin is a 'surival' type manga though, since you kind of know that most of the main characters have PLOT armor.

Eren is the only character who really has any plot armor in that series (being a titan and all). Sure, Mikasa and Armin may still be around, but even they are not guaranteed to survive up to the series' end. Plus, we've had people who had a whole volume or two of development who ended up becoming Titan fodder (like that one kid Marco from Eren's rookie group, or some of those scouting legion guys that Eren hung around with who eventually got killed by Annie). I'd definitely say that SnK counts as a survival series through and through.

Going back on topic, though.... while it's great to know that the second part finally started, I'll wait for the translation before commenting on it, I think....
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