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How Hashirama won was not cowardly lol...

You said you would prefer him to show madara it was a wood clone then charge at him head on? That would be completely retarded. Why bother with the clone in the first place if you're going to do that?

You seem upset hashi beat him with his mind rather then his power, i personally don't have a problem with it. Hashi already proved himself to be superior to madara in every way, before this flashback hashi and madara and senju and uchiha were considered equals. But now it's been made clear hashirama and the senju were the only number 1, and the uchiha were number 2.

As far as the sword through the back, i think that is being used to signify the difference between hashi and naruto. In order to protect his dream hashi will be ruthless and let no one threaten, and naruto is more idealistic and uses talk no jutsu.
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