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You and I have different definitions of death. I consider death to be a state where you can't think anymore, not even within your deepest subconscious. Even if it only was the faintest bit, Jiraiya was still alive enough to have some thoughts, and to get so thoroughly enraged by them that he could open his eyes and move again.
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The mere fact that Jiraiya had enough presence of mind to 'will it' means he wasn't nearly dead.
so you both are questioning the statement from pain that he was sure jiraiya was dead? pain has control over life and death. if anyone should know, it would be him...

as for an explanation, in this story there are souls. we see them in all the edo-tensei zombies. therefore jiraiya still had a soul after death and his soul would have been what willed his body back to life. it's not explained in that detail, but i dont see any other way of it happening
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