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Originally Posted by Eragon View Post
Did you guys forget that most of Konoha died and then came back to life? I mean seriously, arguing whether Jiraya was dead or not when you have a concrete example of people coming back from the dead is pretty...

This is a response to the original statement that "dead don't come back to life in Naruto".
I meant BY THEMSELVES. Have you ever seen anyone in Naruto come back to life by themselves? No, because it's not possible. There are currently only three ways: Edo Tensei, which doesn't bring you back to life, but reincarnates your soul into a sacrifice. Chiyo's forbidden reanimation jutsu, which takes the user's life. And Rinne Tensei, which also takes he user's life.

So no coming back to life is not that common, especially without any sort of technique or assistance.
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