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I forgot to add that I use Cookie Wall with other Real-time protection. I use it to block tracking cookies. The program is not automatic. You have to decide what cookies to block. It uses about 2.6MB of memory. Itís free. From the site:
" Online privacy is a big deal these days, with huge companies being formed every month to both protect and exploit information gathered about you. By far the most common method used to track individuals on the Internet is the 'Cookie', a small file stored on your machine with information provided by a website... While the majority of the websites out there use this tool as it was intended, more and more are exploiting it in ways that were never intended - that's where AnalogX CookieWall comes in.

AnalogX CookieWall allows you to quickly and easily decide which cookies can stay on your system, and which cookies should go - once you let CookieWall know which ones are unwelcome, it does the rest. CookieWall can be configured to delete cookies as soon as they arrive, to notify you of any new ones, or just queue them up for you to check out at a later date.

CookieWall is currently only compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer or derived versions (such as NeoPlanet); Netscape support should be available in the near future."

In addition to using CookieWall, you can set your browser to block third party cookies, which often helps block unwanted cookies. In Internet Explorer it's Options>Internet Options> Privacy>Advanced> Under Third Party Cookies, check Block. In Opera it's Tools>Preferences>Advanced>Cookies>Under Third Party Cookies, select Refuse All Cookies.

Some aspects of a website may not work. These are cookies usually involved with ads, tracking stats, and links to other sites. However I've found most legitimate links and ads work fine with Blocking Third Party Cookies. Besides, I don't bother with most ad links anyways. If you don't like it, just reset the Privacy Options.

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