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@desertlily: sure, go ahead.

Originally Posted by Theclow View Post
I thought he would do them too but he diden't make a single nayuki sig, the great nayuki-sama frowns on Pellissier.(Yea I'm worshiping nayuki-sama now)
On my batch post, I didn't do anything of Nayuki, true, but I hadn't yet read your request back then. After that, I needed a little break ^^
Well, anyway. I can do them now, so not to charge saphyre.
I'll edit this post later, so be sure to check it.

Edit: ok, here are your requests:

<-- This couldn't be done AS friendly, too many frames to fit.

<-- These two are static, since there is no movement at all.

Originally Posted by Ascaloth View Post
Timeframe, 05:45-05:47.

Description, Yuuichi yawning. Bordered, non-stop lion roar
<-- non stop lion roar

<-- full sequence, short yawn, AS friendly ^^

<--- full sequence, loooong yawn, not AS Friendly

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