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Well my favourite mecha design always change when new show arrived.
This is my list of favourite.

1.Freedom/SFreedom & 00 Riser:
It HIMAT,firepower,design give an outsanding fear factor.Make me buy the kit.Love 00/Raiser design,fresh & unique.

2.Hi Nu/Sazabi/Nightangle:
Cool design & powerfull.I like the Nightangle design look unique.

3.Strike Variant/Impulse:
I love the multi pack action these two brought to the series.Well I like Strike Noir design the most because it dark color & it beam pistols.

4.Verde Buster/Buster & Blu Duel/Duel:
Love these two,excellent combination when teaming up.Like Verde & Blu design,especially Blu armor & Verde twin beam rifle.

5.Infinite Justice/Destiny Gundam:
I like it design & especially it beam leg & Faturn pack.While Destiny,I love it WoL & it back pack placement.It palm Fionica also rock too.

6.Hyaku Shiki/Akatsuki:
Well golden or bling..bling..gundam does look appealing does it.I like Akatsuki more because of it unique beam coating,the beam saber & it backpack.

7.Gundam Heavyarms/Gundam DX:
Heavyarms,a perfect example of sheer firepower.DX twin satelite cannon is insanely powerfull.Love it.

Love it transformation design & it MA form.

I like Unicorn,it normal mode,look innocent & same time pack more suprise.Stargazer design is unique,I like it beam ring & admire it noble purpose.

10.Wing Zero(TV series)/Epyon
Epyon broad beam sword is unique & love it MA form.Wing Zero i like because of it firepower especially the twin buster rifle & it green beam saber placement.

Non Gundam:
Zaku(GS),DomTrooper(GS),HiZack(Z),GINN(GS)OverFlag (00),GNFlag(00),Tieren(00)
EXASS,Moebius Zero,GN Sefer.
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