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Beatrice is thoroughly one of the best parts, if not the best part, of Umineko. She was awesome the first time through, but going over episodes 1-4 again knowing what's truly behind her makes her even more compelling. She dominates in the meta-world, the world of illusions, but can't even show her face in the real world; she somehow manages to be firmly extant and completely illusory at the same time. It's really cool. And to know that she is actually the shadow of a real person, a very unassuming real person, makes her all the more interesting.
Well, I was half with you. I think Chiru ruins her as a character, perhaps the only fully-realized character in the entire work whose motives and objectives I would consider consistent, comprehensible, and capable of growth over the course of the story.

Yasu Pity Party destroys her character and makes her just another in a sea of Japanese VN characters I've seen who hint at being dynamic and interesting while not actually being those things at all.

Although if Pity Me Yasu is herself just another fictional front for Badass Hoaxmaster Yasu, I retract that statement, because that person would be freaking awesome.
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