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-in episode one, we were introduced to Battler,as somehow who would never forgive the killing of his family. The whole reason why he accepted this game was to uncover who the hell would brutally murder his whole family and to prove that a witch didn't do it.

-in episode two, there was a huge conflict in Battler about the possibility that someone that he cares about is a insane murderer. To the extent that he broke down mentally and started crying.

-episode three, Battler cannot forgive the idea of toying with people even if they are just "chess pieces" that can be revived or replaced for their own selfish reasons.

-episode four, he realized that he cannot play around with Beatrice since he has a sister at home waiting for him.
For the first 3 episodes it's because he thinks Beatrice is being cruel. He seems passionate, but he's really just being juvenile and half-hearted about the whole fight. With Ange in episode 4, he finally realizes that there was something real at stake (what I mean by "real" will make more sense with the end of episode 8).

The main reason for the transformation he goes through when learning the truth is kind of simple; he figures out that Beatrice (Yasu) is actually a decent person, and that her motives are not as malicious as they initially appear to be. Battler's transformation and acceptance of Beatrice is actually a huge hint that Yasu is innocent. His approach to helping Ange also changes from defeating the witch (revealing the truth) to protecting the witch (hiding the truth). Basically, he figured out that Beatrice was hiding the truth and why she was doing it, and he decided he should do the same for Ange's sake.

Originally Posted by goldendust View Post
Yasu has to be a criminal considering the "count down" in episode 7. That Claire commented on the horrible crimes that she/he would commit.
I basically agree with AuraTwilight on this. Yasu never killed anyone, nor did she ever try to. I think Yasu's "horrible crime" was revealing the gold to the relatives, which lead them to start a bloodbath on their own. As Yasu is characterized, it makes sense to think she would blame herself in such a scenario.

Of course this implies that she wrote her fictions post-incident.
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