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Yasu is extremely deranged, it is possible that Yasu wrote them as way to express herself in a way she couldn't.

More so we know with two other women such as Kirie/Natsuhi that they both wrote into a book to express their feelings. I feel that Yasu did that fro the same reasons. That he/she wrote them and threw into the ocean as way to express her/his feelings.

Also Yasu constantly boasts that Battler should believe in witches since that is part of the game he/she created. It been mentioned in Claire's confession that talking with Gaap that she entertains the thought of making murders look like magic.
In what sense is Yasu "extremely deranged"? You'll have to define that.

This is a girl too timid to make a phonecall to a boy she liked and you expect me to believe that she can murder eighteen people, including people she loved and an innocent nine year old girl, without any hesitation?

Depending on the game, I do think that someone is making use of Yasu's game to cover their own actions.
The games are based on an incident that REALLY happened. Who was the murderer in the real world?
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