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Originally Posted by Azure-Priest View Post
To answer your question precisely, Irina DOES say in volume 7, "I don't mind becoming fallen if it's for you, Ise" jokingly after he pays her an honest compliment on her beauty.

As her wings start to change, and Azazel mentions making her a VIP fallen angel, she cries out "MICHAEL-SAMA, I'M BEING TEMPTED BY AZAZEL!"

So, yes, she DOES mind a great deal, but she STILL wants Ise. (thanks to Xenovia's "suggestion")

Edit: I do have a question, what happened to Leonardo again? After reading Vol 11 and the Vol 12 summaries, I can't figure it out.

In Vol 11, Shalba drags him into the Dimension Lost hotel parking lot, magically compels him to summon huge monsters (which are then magically transported to the Underworld) then Sigfreed and Georg transport him away. Yet no mention of him afterwards.

Is he with Indra? With CaoCao in Hades' "realm of the dead?" At "Hero Faction" HQ? Dead?

One thing's for sure though, that boy has been seriously traumatized and the "hero" faction obviously doesn't care. (Well Sigfreed cared, but he's dead.)
yeah, she wasn't saying she didn't mind, her exact words were
“Of course. I have memories of nothing but mischief in those days when Irina was a ‘boy’. It so turned out that she happened to become a bishōjo[4], I may never comprehend the human development.”

From my reply, in that very moment Irina’s face blushed.

“Geez! Isse-kun, you are such a typical smooth talker! It’s no different from wooing Rias-san many times before is it...? Quite a hidden intimidating talent! For such debauchery! I would degenerate myself to be a fallen angel!
meaning she realized that she was being turned into a fallen cause she started to feel vanity, which is something angels cannot feel otherwise they fall. After Azazel sees this, he tempts her which causes Irina to panic and pray to stop herself from falling.
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