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Originally Posted by aliensporebomb
HOW did she know about K1's indiscretions with the BB Gun. She said it was Oishi but I have my doubts he would reveal that information to a minor much less a mentally not-stable minor.
Oishi doesn't know that Rena has lost it. He has only has contacted her a few times. First at the school in his car and had at least 2 phone calls later. Her hysteria can be explain (in his pt of view) that he thinks Rena is being targetted by the Sonozaki Family. Besides if you only heard the first part of her theory it sounds reasonable (even tho questionable).

There's a lot of stuff skipped from the Mion + Keiichi scene this EP and Rena + Keiichi phone call from the last EP. Basically, the scrapbooks were much more detailed with other scientific evidences (ie talking about other types of parasites, talking about spring fever/allergies, etc). and circumstantial evidences (more Sonozaki stuff during the Dam wars), but Mion picks apart every example Keiichi could think of from his phone call with Rena the following day.

I believe the multiple notebooks...
Apparently, according to Mion, Rena isn't the first of Takano's victims. Takano picks a lucky child every year to tell her stories to Years before, Satoko believed there were mole people running around for a while.

Originally Posted by Wanderer
Still, perhaps both in this arc and in Tatarigoroshi-hen, it was always just Rena's/K1's friends covering them. Did perhaps Mion move Teppei's corpse in Tatarigoroshi-hen as well? She could have very easilly figured out what K1 was up to.
Most likely this was Shion who did this. Shion intercepted Keiichi's phone call and knew instantly the same situation happened last year. She was in the best position to cover up for Keiichi. Ne-ne + Ni-Ni do think alike ^^;
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