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Dear To aru fan: i have a couple of question if you guys/girls can answer it please

1. OK, back when NT2 was not out yet, i heard that there was a debut over the enemy organization name. GREMLIN ALL cool and all, but i heard someone say “CRIMSON” and that name look tight. Now was CRIMSON a false name? and wouldn’t you fan agree that CRIMSON would make a more cooler bad guy organization?

2. Regarding the Mars SS: i read the summary of it and was quite puzzle, is it just a cliff hanger ending or is there going to be a SS 2?

3. I don’t want to start a fanboy war or anything, but who believe that Touma is an fallen Angel or there an Angel inside him? it bug me that the author has so many foreshadowing methods that we want him to tell us already

thank you Everyone
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