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Originally Posted by mark1246 View Post
Dear To aru fan: i have a couple of question if you guys/girls can answer it please

1. OK, back when NT2 was not out yet, i heard that there was a debut over the enemy organization name. GREMLIN ALL cool and all, but i heard someone say “CRIMSON” and that name look tight. Now was CRIMSON a false name? and wouldn’t you fan agree that CRIMSON would make a more cooler bad guy organization?
Yeah [Crimson] was false... Actually, it was the only false information we've got for NT2 right? What a huge improvement!

But I disagree that it would be a better name, [Gremlin] is unique while [Crimson] has become far too generic. Plus the poetic meaning for that name...

Originally Posted by mark1246 View Post
2. Regarding the Mars SS: i read the summary of it and was quite puzzle, is it just a cliff hanger ending or is there going to be a SS 2?
No cliff hanger, just an open ending.
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