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Alright, since we're entering the mulky waters of speculations...

“It seems Gremlin’s next target is the United States,” Birdway said once Kamijou and the others had returned to his dorm. “I don’t know what they intend to do, but I have gotten ahold of information that a few magicians have already arrived on the Hawaiian Islands."
I could be wrong about Pearl Habor, Hawaii might just be a staging ground before they move in on the rest of the United States. Meaning their main objective might have nothing to do with the island, unless they intend to cripple the US naval influence from the Pacific... Then from there...

Is it too much of a stretch to think they're trying to crush all of the American's technological prowness? Or even more extreme- take over their ICBM capabilities and use it against them? Unlike the RCC, these guys aren't shy about using technology, as we saw with the giant balloons.
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