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Woah the fanfare is getting really amusing.
She even took part in the mental aspects of the 'Testament' experiment that Nunotaba Shinobu took part in. She used her mind's consciousness to rebuild her ability's calculations thoroughly, and then used the 'results' as samples to develop them further. She became a 'Kihara' radical who offered her mind and body to experiment after she wasn't able to.
What are they talking about here? Do espers can develop further as they please?

Even this part was rather interesting
"If this 'Body Crystal' appears as an 'ability' that can 'overload other people's abilities, power, and even control their ability flow', that can't be considered an 'overload', right? Well, I can only manipulate the flow and timing, but I can't track someone down until the end of the galaxy and even take away the person's ability like Takitsubo onee-san."
Wasn't this released way before the vol. 22, where was explained what Takitsubo can really do?
Plus isn't she trying to imply here, that Takitsubo is also a child error that went through those experiments?

PS: You can really feel that the Fanfare was written by different autor. It's a nice refreshing change.
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