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Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
That's not true, most espers are probably like the rest of the Railgun girls leading relatively peaceful lives before and during their time in Academy City. Otherwise they wouldn't have things like the daihansensai to show off to the public.

The ones that get experimented on are the Child Errors, which are already abandon children that nobody misses and a very tiny group compared to 1.8 million students. And then a small group are like Touma who has no where else to go.

That's one direction Kamachi never talked about EVER- what happens to Espers when they grow up?

But... If they only wanted a normal life, they wouldn't be in Academy City in the first place.

These children dream of super-powers, that's the only reason.
True, Kamachi-sensei never explicitly stated what happens to espers when they become adults. But, I'm guessing they might work for Academy City by becoming skillouts, doctors, teachers, engineers, etc.

Unless the discovery of esper abilities was fairly recent like in the last decade or two, I can partially understand why there are so few adult espers.
Another interesting question: When was Academy City first built?
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