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This is one case where I kept thinking the episode had gone on long enough to be over...but then was very happy to realize it was continuing.

Personally, I'm happy to be back in human territory. I'm not a huge fan of the "adventures with animals" part of the show. It didn't have enough future weirdness for me. Of course, this coming stage may be the most dangerous of all. Will they get back to where they have their mantras written? Anyway, with 17 episodes to go, a lot can happen.

The sudden safety seemed a bit rushed near the end, but I guess it emphasized that the big guy was a friendly -- even if Squeerat was too tricky to trust.
Originally Posted by Kazu-kun
Anyway, kind of sad moment when Saki remembered that time with Shun on the boat and started crying. It feels like the story's trying to push her and Satoru together but she doesn't really want that. It's kind of tragic....
Excellent observation. I'm not sure what she wants. I doubt she knows herself. In any case, that tender surprise must seem like a lifetime ago to her now. I loved it when she was the one leading Satoru forward. I'm not sure if I can imagine her in that position in relation to Shun. But I had a little feeling that Shun was delighted that it was she who had discovered how to recover their powers. Or maybe that was just me.
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