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Crontica: I don't know which event you refer to Hikaru as "character assassination" as he did plenty of bad things . To me he did two things that I don't forgive, ditching his friends in highschool completely for his personal goal, and only thinking about himself when Sai wants to play, just because "letting Sai plays would potentially get him in trouble". If I had best friends like this who needs an enemy. Compare to Hikaru, Taichi is a saint.

I agree that Taichi is a brat when he is a kid. But if you hate him for what he did as a kid, I can also say I hate Arata for what he did when Chihaya and Taichi visit him (which is quite dick-ish)

Taichi had always like Chihaya since elementary. After 3 years they met again in highschool he realized that he had always love her. That is my take of it. He probably likes Chihaya since she is so straight forward and single minded, which is completely different from himself. I guess opposite attract.

While I agree no character can be unanimously liked, Taichi get more dislike compare to many other characters, which perk my interest.
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