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Originally Posted by hyl View Post
So what is the point and purpose of asking how others feel about it if you are not using it as some kind comparison of how people see it differently in their definiton of moe?
That is IMO just as pointless as asking what others think of other words that convey a certain emotion like "cool", "awesome" or "badass"
I never said they couldnt define it. I just said that is not my goal. And I am not following you in how I do not "use it as some kind comparison of how people see it differently in their definiton of moe"?

All I wanted to know was how moe affected people differently. Can you explain to me what is wrong with wanting to know that?

This isnt about the word, it is about the emotion.
Originally Posted by Cryonosis View Post
I'm something of a black and white person that chases after more concrete answers to things.

To me, moe is cuteness; which, while subjective, can be shown as a facet of attractiveness that illicits a "caregiving" response from a typical person. Babies, kittens and puppies are the easiest to reference, in usual settings they bring about a hormonal response from people to feed and shelter them, to "care" for them.

Anime moe does have a propensity to be sexualized, but my opinion is that the underlying response evoked from viewers is the same as watching kitten videos on youtube. While subjective, I would expect any given, typical group of individuals to rate a given material roughly the same in regards to how cute, or moe, a work may be.

Or some such. . .
Yea, that's how I feel moe too! Like cute kittens on Youtube. Also cute puppies and babies.
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