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Originally Posted by Kamijou_Touma View Post
The reason I loathe the commie tank is that you need to keep moving and readjusting aim if you don't use auto-aim feature. Its funny how they say stop aim botting, when its part of the game.
Auto-aim isn't aim-botting. Aimbots are meant for a player to have 100% chance of hitting no matter the condition; Auto-aim only makes your gun lock on to the target without your input, but actually hitting the target is another matter. The combination of RNG, aiming accuracy, and vehicle movement means your shots still have a good chance of going astray if you don't stop and aim properly, and auto-aim also locks on to the center of the tank in all axis, which usually aims your gun at the best armored part of the tank if you're aiming at the front.

Auto-aim is most useful for quickly laying your gun on target, and if you need to fire on the move, but if you want the best possible damage you'd still want to aim manually, which is especially true for higher tier battles.

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