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Originally Posted by Dauerlutscher View Post
Maybe raku and chitoge moved to the USA and they lost contact after a couple of years...happens all the time in real life too...who knows...

I know it's somehow "cool" to shit on this manga, but what happened here is pretty mucht standard cliché stuff...
It's actually horribly naive and insulting to imply that any negative opinion is just being the cool kid by shitting on it. Surely if so many criticise it, it's because it's doing something wrong, don't you think? I think people who blindly white-knight it are just as bad as people who nonsensically hate on it and people shouldn't be forbidden from stating negative opinions just because others who had positive reception to Nisekoi are too butt-hurt to accept the very idea that there are actual problems with the series.

Not to mention that point doesn't make sense; Chitoge was in the USA for a few years before her marriage and she still kept in contact at that point. Why not continue keeping in contact with Onodera, especially because she was overseas and wouldn't be able to meet her much? Don't you think it's a bit exaggerated that the kids are 15 years old at least yet don't know each other?

Realism shouldn't have to apply at the most convenient moment in a story where realism was never a thing and where there were even plot contradictions due to Komi losing track of what he was writing (notably the information we got about the promise girl vs. the actual details of the promise girl). Otherwise we can apply realism in the entirety of Nisekoi and then there would be a lot more issues than there already are. Or do you really want me to get started chapter by chapter by applying the oh-so-convenient "reality" filter which was literally never a thing that was used except in the occasions where people wanted to justify something but didn't have a valid explanation that fit the story, setting and medium?
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