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Here's the full raw for anyone that's interested. No talk about the old cast at all. Sasa tells Haku that she just transferred to this school during their talk/Haku tells her that no one talks to him because of his family/way he looks(yakuza family, inherited the blue eyes/blonde hair). Sasa lives with her aunt Haru to attend the school, they have a quick talk about Haku and Haru tells her that he's Raku's son. Haru also tells her that Haku will start working at the shop next week. Haku thinks Sasa is pretty cute in the last scene. That's basically the gist of the quick omake.

We know nothing of Sasa's father(Kosaki's husband), except that his last name is Miyanagi. His age/profession/appearance weren't revealed. The kids don't even talk about their parents. Haku just tells the gang members that he's not the third heir, but his own person.

Glad Kosaki moved on and had a pretty daughter with her spouse. I'm guessing she lives in another city since Sasa lives with Haru to attend school.

Still don't understand why the kids don't know each other. You would think that Kosaki/Raku/Chitoge would keep in touch, but I guess not. As long as Kosaki and Ruri are still best friends then I'm good.
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