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LOL thnx guys =)
I'll take up that offer and watch Spice and Wolf since u liked it
I don't really like the animation of Cross game however but the story line seems pretty good. Eureka 7 is a bit of a slow one, pretty much like inuyasha where sometimes it goes nowhere, i started watching it but i dropped it. I'll get on to Mayo Chiki, Otome youkai Zakuro, Maison Ikkoku and Ah My Goddess. I've seen Valkyria Chronicles =P i actually like it, espec the ending.
I haven't seen True Tears yet but wat are your comments on it??? O.O i probs will watch it but, its kinda on the same line as Spice and Wolf.

I'll finish off Onegai Teachers + Twins xD and also Yoake Mae yori Ruriiro na (I actually might wanna play that game aswell). I've seen Omamori Himari and it was goooooooood. <3 it to the max xD too bad it didnt have a solid ending =S much to Motto To love ru: Trouble. I've seen They are my Noble Masters and was another anime i'd recommend to people. I'll watch the rest of the animes u guys suggested =)

sooo many too watch xD probs gonna take me 2 weeks to finish em
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