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have u tried Tokimeki Memorial: Only Love.
its a good one that i liked xD its similar to fortune arterial in some sorta sense, a guy moves to a new school and there's a hot chick etc... but yeh its different <3 it

Angel Beats is another i liked, although the romance doesn't really "kick in" towards the end. Similar to Haruhi though in terms of some of the character's personalities

Soul Link and Uchuu no Stellvia are 2 animes which involve space technology and school life in space. Absolutely <3 them when i first watched then a few yrs back.

Suzuka - an anime about a guy and a girl (obviously >.> wth am i saying?) who start a new yr in school. The school is based around athletics. The girl's a total star, she was scouted and offered a scholarship there and the guy just barely makes it into the school. He likes her, but to her, he resembles someone who she used to love... SPOILERS STOP THERE!!! xD if u wanna know more, watch it =P LOL i have many more recommendations but i gtg now cyas!
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