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There are some uses for the healer robot and if someone wants to use them, go ahead and do it. Personally I'd rather use one of the regular healers like Ptilo, Shining or Saria.

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Same here, my stash is completely killed by W/Weedy. Thorn probably come first so I'll skip that banner and wait for Surtr if Cn banner is to be followed. I think I could probably save enough for 10x ten rolls by that time, not to mentioned the reset of distinctions shop since I have load of distinctions after W/Weedy banner, probably enough for a full tickets buyout.
I had to go to 300 pity to buy Weedy from shop since that damn sea dragon decided to dodge my pulls. I am down to about 130~140 pulls but that's factoring in turning all my primes into pulls and buying 38 more with yellow certificates ...
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