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Originally Posted by larethian View Post
I did use Castle for one of the chapter 5 challenge where it starts off with 4 casters that attack 2 units each and can shoot across half the map. Bagpipe to assassinate, followed by Gravel and Castle to distract. Since I can't find Skadi or Red from support even after 10 reloads. E1 Hellagur works but he's too expensive to start off, not to mention he doesn't give full DP refund and I can't build my line after the first assassination with all the naruto rush.
I can see robots being useful and doing clutch saves for some really tough situations where you might not have a whale lineup

Side note, I started a JP account a week ago
ehhh....why ??? I mean, beside bigger contents and unless you decided to whales, there is little point in playing JP now, since global seem to catch up with CN relatively quickly with the change in events roster. starting now meaning saving up for orundum is going to be pretty hard. The change in shop and build up for entire base as well.

@Eisdrache: reverse in my case, Weedy came relatively early for me but W took all the way to 165 rolls. I don't reach the level to have to spark her though but that is still pretty draining for me
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