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Pellissier-- Very cute av with brilliant loop! The fading heart is just perfect! 10/10

-- Good idea for a cut, but the loop's a bit quick for my tastes. 8/10

Sakura-chan-- LOL unusual source, but funny cut, intriguing shape, and the wtf. ftw. 9/10

-- Love the av! We really need more manga-GIFs, since they're so underrepresented. Great text, looping, and choice of source for Raito's face! 11/10

Tzurial-- Rating 7.5/10

Cyz-- Great cut, good colors. Love the source. It seems somewhat faded tho... 9/10

Kupo!-- Would that by any chance be Kasumi from DoA? Nice choice of colors, though a border would be nice. 8/10
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