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Originally Posted by Cyz
Ambience Blue: it's nice to see caster blushing. it's cute overall but there's no border
Not true, yet subtle, but there is

Cyz: you betrayed my Saber Godness , lol joking, actually you kept it quite for a while
Now this one, I like it, nice crop, nice border, beautiful subject, good effects. What should I add? 9/10

Kupo!: beautiful crop and subject, but I think a border should really be added 7,5/10

Ambience Blue: Ah.. your Kaoru avatar, I liked it so much! (but I had saved it). Lol, anyway, I'm glad to see Caster popping out too. People seems to see just the main characters. I'm looking forward to her anime appearence to make animated gifs of her. As for your avatar, standalone I would say it's a bit darkish, maybe needing of a little brightening. But then, I don't see the meaning of doing that, since as it is it matches with the signature perfectly. Nice subtle border, and as I said in the signs thread already, nice style overall. 9/10
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