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I went skiing once and was soooo paranoid cuz I'm afraid of heights (fell off 2nd floor when I was a kid)... so since I was a noob... I just practiced for a bit with one of the instructors there... they were trying to teach us how to stop and stuff... I figured I can try to at least conquer the bunny slopes... well anyways... before I could learn how to stop with the skiis... a few of my friends came cruising by and dragged me onto the steep slope... here I am kicking and screaming... they are just laughing at me... and then they push me over the edge... I almost had a heart attack (have a weak heart... can't even go on roller coasters)... so here I am going straight down the slope really fast and my arms are waving up and down like you see it in some of the anime (most especially Azumanga Daioh)... and I start going off sideways... I tried to straighten it out but it wouldn't go... probably because I'm a noob and a moron and too freaked out to do anything... so what happens? I see a big @#@$! tree that I'm headed straight into... at the last minute as I'm about to hit the tree straight on at a really fast speed... I somehow miraculously move to the left a little and the branches scratched up my arm but I didn't hit the tree... I lost balance... and started rolling the rest of the way down the slope till I stopped. Needless to say... my friends felt really bad... though they still laughed cuz they said I looked funny with my arms waving up and down and screaming like a mad woman... it was a funny sight I'm sure and I'd laugh too... of course if it wasn't for the fact that it was ME.

So did I ever get back on the slopes? HELLLLL NOOOOO! That experienced traumatized me and I was never brave enough to go back.

Dam good thing no one has pictures of it or had a camcorder... would of been embarassing...
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