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Originally Posted by Yot-chan View Post
Hmm...when you talk about Eva, yes, you generally do (although I'm o the opinion that Shinji ACCEPTED Instrumentality in the show)...but trying to extend it to a cultural commentary on Japan doesn't really work.
I got the impression that Shinji accepted, then ended up rejecting Instrumentality (particularly the scene where him and Rei have that freaky moment where their bodies morph together, and he decides to pull out of it)...Of course the End of Evangelion gets so Psychedelic and abstract at points that it goes out of my range of capability to try to seriously argue about the symbolism going on there

Though I kinda agree with you. I don't think you can look at some of the scenes I've pointed out in Rebuild movie one and say that it's an example of how Japan is a collectivist society. People doing things in large groups (particularly in crisis situations) isn't something unique to collectivist societies, nor is thinking humanity shouldn't be destroyed.
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