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If Okabe was not allowed to change anything in the Alpha timeline, and had to let his past self experience everything which he did (by showing him a "dead" Kurisu so his experience remains the same) why is it okay to buy that metal upa and change his experience of buying the metal upa to one of buying a plastic one? It probably has no bearing on Kurisu's fate, but wouldn't that start another beta world line somewhere where some other plot happens? In addition, by planting a "dead" Kurisu there, Okabe fools his past self for only that scene - surely after that the news reports (there was one specifically) about a person being stabbed on the upstairs floor etc would not happen, and he would have changed his past self's experience.

Were there reasons why these are okay, or am I just being pedantic because time travel plots are impossible to wrap up completely in the first place? I am more than willing to overlook the plot weaknesses as they brought back Kurisu, but I was just wondering if there were not really weaknesses in the first place.
I'll take a stab at this:
1) Metal Upa- Metal Upa had no bearing at Okabe's decision on moving the timeline to beta (via his first d-mail), therefore by removing the Metal Upa, it will not affect his decision at all. The metal Upa's effect is moving the timeline from "Russia gets time machine" to "Russia gets no time machine".

2) I don't remember if Okabe actually saw the news report before he sent the d-mail in the first episode...if he did not, then that had no bearing at his decision either. If he did...maybe someone with better reasoning can help me out .
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