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From my Facebook Status...

Best part of the Halloween party last night...

So, Xxxx Xxxxxx shows up dressed as Mari Illustrious Makinami, right? And I'm talking to her, and I tell her that a lot of western fans don't like Mari. And she's like, "Ehhh? Nande? Why?" So I tell her that a lot of Western fans think Mari doesn't fit with Eva, and that she stole the spotlight from Asuka.

And then, immediately after I finish telling her that, Zzzzzz Zzzzzz walks up to us and tells Xxxxxx, "Y'know, I don't like Mari." And Xxxxxx's all like, "Why?" And Zzzzzz's all like, "I like her design, but I don't think she fits with Eva, and she stole the spotlight from Asuka."
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