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Originally Posted by kayote View Post
best week of the season.

i love it when we prove people wrong. 2:1. love it. first beating Valencia and now ending City's winning run. AVB knows what he is doing and we all just need to Believe in him.

i have Believed and will continue tto Believe. Feel sorry for Lamps a little bit, but others need games to grow. i thank the man above that we got Romeu and Mikel is shown to be the hack that he is.
I think the problem is that Chelsea is unsuited to having a high backline (as AVB implements), and thus concedes a lot of goals from it. However, against Valencia and City AVB changes his instructions and have his players play deeper, in a more counterattacking style, and it works very well as the players are more used to the system (not to mention Terry and Ivanovic simply doesn't have the pace to keep up with it, which I feel is Chelsea's biggest problem as Balotelli's goal clearly show).

Also: yesterday I went to Subway and asks for the most expensive sub they have. The guy gave me Fernando Torres. Seriously, at this point I'm just feeling sorry for the guy.
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