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Hey... SOCCER people....


From the American point of view -- that red card was total BS. And it was smart of the manager to just outright order the team to walk off the field -- and call it the end of the game.

That kind of situation was dangerous. Any random person running up the field like that towards an athlete... all sorts of crap could happen. If you want a reference, refer to the Monica Seles stabbing. With that in mind, the goalie had every right to defend himself. And keeping the bastard down like that until help arrives... that was the right thing to do.

So, to give him a red card for it - that was... ludicrous. It was security's fault for allowing anything like this to even happen.
  • Having said that -- what has been the talk about this incident days after?
  • Does the referee get reprimanded for making such an ill decision? (Which I doubt)
  • Will the game be replayed?
  • Overall, where's the justice?!
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