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I'm really curious about people's impression on each character now. A new character poll please =D

Overall, it is quite possibly one of the most impressive animes I've ever seen. top-notch animation, pleasant and uncliched storyline, and a rather interesting set of characters. My sole complaint would be KyotoAni's schedule of working on one project at a time-- they chose not to continue on FMP or The Melancholy of Nagato Yuki (most likely the new title) for their next project. Instead, we get Kannon 2006. It irks me that bigger studios such as Gonzo are churning out a whole bunch of mediocre animes.

Well, with that aside, I'm rather disappointed that Mikuru and Itsuki did not receive as much light. It is kinda reflected in Mikuru's 2D personality/character, and her presence seems to do nothing more than incite some funny moments. Itsuki is kinda underappreciated by the fans. There isn't a story behind him that people can sympathize with. Yet, he is persistent with his work and never sway from his task. To me, he seems to be the most original character of the whole cast. Instead of the typical mysterious/silent figure that can kick anyone's ass if needed be (sorry Yuki, even though you are my favorite character), he gives proper-- and sometimes longwinded-- explanation. Therefore, he's shoved into the uncool, unbadass category.

And, as I've mentioned before, KyotoAnimation has had the tendency to follow up on unfinished manga/novels. They did a rather nice job for accumulating the drama and reaching the climax by shuffling the episodes, but the feeling of the completed story just isn't there. I don't know if this is a sales plot to leave the option of a second season open or whatnot, but it keeps me wanting more. I kinda want to slap the director ._.

Oh, and one last note. Kudos for the people in AFK fansub. You guys rock ^^ Keep up the good work in the future.
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