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As being said already in this thread, it was one of the most impressive anime I've seen so far. Animationwise it was perfect as far as it goes for a tv series, currently it's pretty much impossible to top what Kyoto Animation did deliver here. The music was just as good by the way, opening/ending and the insert songs were all likeable on their own, but the background music made it unforgetable for me, such crucial moments as the one in episode 14 in the closed space, or the beginning of Yuki's minutes of fame in episode 11 did show off mostly due to the music and animation working perfectly together to emphasise the flow of those scenes. Props to the seiyuu as well, Kyon's narrative was close to perfect, Haruhi and the rest did show several nuances throughout the show, which added to their characters, making them even more likeable (it's one of the very few shows where I liked the whole cast, without any exception).

Kyon is of now the male character I like the most (probably because he also resembles me a lot, being annoyed by the people and stuff around him and the introduction he made in episode 2 and still admitting that he likes it that way). It's not often that I like a male character (I passionately hate almost anything male) but he gets a special place in my book.

As far as it goes for the rest of the cast, Haruhi, Yuki and Mikuru were quite likeable, I enjoyed the scenes with Kyon's sister and Tsuruya a lot and Asakura and Taniguchi were a nice addition as well. Itsuki of course as well, despite being portrayed as the worst out of the bunch by Kyon. ;)

The first episode was a stroke of genius and deserves special mention here. Overall Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu is easily the anime I'm going to recommend to everybody as of now, topping my own hitlist. :)

There can be said a lot about it, so I'll just keep it short. I simply liked everything about it. A somewhat longer view on the show: here. ;)

Now hoping that they will animate the rest of the novels one day, I'm willing to wait no matter how long it'll take.
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