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My final impressions of the show. Let me see...

It ended better than it started. The first time I saw the 1st episode, I was like "What the hell?!?! ;____;" So it definitely ended better than it began.

Its story is provokative. The idea of a person being GOD but not knowing it is a provokative story. A lot of views these days proclaim that each and every one of us are gods in ourselves. Able to create, manipulate, change, effect and destroy things around us by our simple whimpsical moods and in truth this is partially true. Although I don't agree at all that to the notion of GOD being childish, it remains only as my opinion.

The sequencing of events and outlining of the plot were superb. Quite frankly, very few shows have made me think so much and this show in particular made me do so. I always was looking for metaphoric or platonic parallels etched in the show >:3 Well, you can say I am a person who likes and is knowledgeable about theology and philosy and this show gave me both ^_^

The characters were likable and at times relatable. I especially liked Kyon and his inner dialogs XD Sarcasm on a platter! Although this show lacks in some aspects like in romance and general character development, it still manages to deliver an excellent showing. Although I'd like it if they have had elaborated more on the individual characters backgrounds, about Haruhi's god-ness, about Kyon's feelings, about Koizumi's background and also about Mikuru and Kyon's relationship. Quite frankly, I feel disatisfied because I think it is rather rushed >_> Besides that, the eventual "kissing" of Haruhi by Kyon at the last moments of the series was kind of abrubt. His reasoning does not actually say "I love Haruhi", but rather "Haruhi needs to be stopped" O_______O IMO, Kyon took advantage of HARUHI!


So there!

To sum it all up, this was generally a great series. Not perfect, but still is great.
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