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I really liked the episode shuffling, I believe that they wonderfully pulled it off.

I really believe that episode 1 caused a lot of casualties however. To appreciate a smartly flawed mini-movie combined with real-time criticism is not a common activity. It also requires a certain level of consciousness, which somewhat implies maturity. I'm pretty sure that of those that got bored away by the mikuru movie, a good 40% could've have been saved. My younger brother and cousins were all baffled when they saw it, and wondering what the heck I was smoking when I was raving about it. Managed to convert one of them, working on the others.

The show in general operates on different levels (much like Pixar's movies, just deeper). Many people out there will just see in it a show with some wacko high-schooler that does senseless stuff. Many can't/won't between the lines. I'm pretty sure a good deal of jokes/details went over my head, and being the type of engaged viewer that I am (writing in forums about it, for example), I'm pretty sure a bucketload went over the heads of the majority of those that have seen at least an ep of the series.

Overall, I give the show a 9.5-10 (depending on how you value a perfect score), which is about the highest score I recall giving to a show, along with FMP:TSR, in recent memory. Definitely one of the best shows of the year, even though the summer season barely started.

And unlike shows like FSN, a second season would seem entirely plausible.
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