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You know, I wish people would stop asking me to open this thread because that annoys the crap out of me. The more people ask me to open, the more I'll keep it closed.

And since I'm fed up with it. This thread will be closed forever. Too bad. what I would've said if I was that mean of a person.

Actually, I am kind of annoyed by people aksing me but since I'm in a good mood I've decided to re-open the thread today (even though a certain Lexander started to bug me...///_^).

But make sure you abide by the rules and not go off-topic, but if for some reason which you all seem to find that you do go off-topic, please contribute to the thread at the very least. So don't make me close this thread again. I don't care how many of you will be annoyed, I'm not afraid to close it down for good.

With that settled, enjoy the revival of the thread!


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