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Originally Posted by Shadow Kira01 View Post
Israel Defies Washington, Approves Settlement Expansion

Considering that the United States provide Israel with much more monthly welfare than to their own American citizens, not sure if the Jewish leaders are making the right decision or not. On the contrary, Israel's economy seems to be in better shape than that of the United States. I guess Israel don't really care..
did the united states give Israel a reason to agree to their request of stopping all Settlement Expansion ?
was there any progress in the negotiations for peace that would give Israel a reason to stop expending Settlements ?
monthly welfare doesn't give the US a say in internal Israeli politics
especially when there is no ongoing peace negotiations, much less a progress in it

the Settlement Expansion plays a part in the peace negotiations in the same way that palestinian terror and incitement does
its a stick to go along with a lack of carrots
so long as there is no progress, the Palestinians continue to use terror and incitement against Israel as means of pressure to compromise on certain points in the negotiations that Israel doesn't want to compromise on
its basically saying "if you don't compromise, we'll make your lives a living hell until you do"
the Israeli response is to continuing the expansion of settlements so long as there is no significant progress in any peace negotiations
the message being "if you don't compromise and negotiate with us now, you're likely to get less land in the final peace settlement"

terrorism and settlements
its a way for both sides are being a dick to one another until someone caves and negotiations resume
childish and stupid ? - yes
but would forcing only one child to play nice while letting the other be a dick help solve anything ? - hardly

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